Welcome. I am a novelist, visual artist and coach. All of my work centers on the feminine journey toward creative empowerment.

In October 2020 my fourth novel, WATER, was published and went to No. 1 on Amazon in categories like mysticism and spirituality.


My writing has been compared to Kazuo Ishiguro's for the mystical Eastern quality and to Mary Karr for its grittiness. The nature of the stories have been compared to mystics like Sonia Choquette and empaths like Dr. Judith Orloff for the in-depth look at what it means to be psychic in a world that's falling apart.


Although my novels are fiction, they generally follow my own spiritual path to awakening, from being rooted in the Midwest to living abroad to coming home again and finding my purpose as an artist and a mystic.  

WATER is based in Seattle and follows the protagonist from a dark night of the soul to a walkabout down the dark metaphysical alleys of the rainy city. It explores her calling toward and resistance to a metaphysical path. It will take a national tragedy to convince her to own who she is. 

Although they're fiction, it is my deepest hope that my books can serve as guidebooks for other seekers, others who have gone through spiritual awakening. 

Purchase WATER here. Go to the novels page to read more about the other books in the series. 

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