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This course is for anyone who has always wanted to be a writer but doesn't know where to start. We use an event from your life to explore rough draft, characterization, plot and theme. It's a safe, supportive, nurturing place so you can begin as the writer you already know you are, and so that you can flourish. This is an e-course, which means you'll receive weekly video lessons and downloadable documents, and we'll be on a private Facebook forum to answer questions, share stories and provide ongoing support.


The Basics

  • Generate story ideas

  • Write a rough draft

  • ​Read successive version's of AofS Founder Caroline Allen's short story, which demonstrates how the process of evolving a story works.

  • Learn characterization

  • Create vivid setting description

  • Receive a written review of your story by professional writers and editors at Art of Storytelling, a $150 value. 

  • Evolve your theme

  • Explore writer's block

  • Share your story (and photos) on a private forum


This course is for adult writers (18 years or older) who want to explore writing in a safe, supportive, and creatively exciting environment. Whether you want to write short stories, a novel, a memoir or even screenplays, this will give you the fundamentals that will serve you for the rest of your writing life.


It's time to realize your dream of becoming
a writer. You deserve to do meaningful work you love. You deserve to feel fulfilled. You deserve to be crazy in love with your life. We're passionate about helping you find and express your voice.


In this basic creative writing class, we will work on forming one story around an event from your life. This could serve as the first story in your memoir; it could be fictionalized to create a short story; it could be the beginning of a novel; it could become a treatement for a screenplay; or it could simply be a way for you to learn the elements of good creative writing.


Here's how it works:


  • Over a seven week period, you'll receive six emails with links to training video. Exercises build on each other, so you'd need to follow each one in order. The videos are easy to acces, and easy to use. This is a simple step-by-step process. All homework will be outlined in clear steps and will include a downloadable document that gives you the steps in writing.

  • You will receive an email at the beginning of the course to join a private Facebook Forum. Post your ideas, rough drafts, photos and questions to the forum. Sign in to see what your classmates are doing, to ask questions, and provide support. This is not compulsory. If you want to maintain complete privacy, that is fine, too.

  • You'll spend each week doing the exercises.

  • Between Lessons Three and Four, there will be a one-week break. Past e-course participants have told us that such a break was necessary to give them time to contemplate and integrate the deep level of information they were receiving. 

  • Between Lessons Four and Five, you can send the rough draft of your story to Art of Storytelling for a personal written review by professionals in the writing and publishing industry, a $150 value.

  • If you follow the exercises, you could end up with the rough draft of a story at the end of the seven weeks.


"We want to teach you how important your
truth is, how poetic your life is. We are going to show you that you already ARE a writer; you
just needed the tools. We'll hold up a mirror, so you can see your own power. 



Week by Week


Week 1 - The soul of your story. Rough Draft. We begin by exploring memories. We go deeply into our lives to excavate stories that are our "personal mythology". And we will spend the first week writing a rough draft.


Week 2 - More soul. Evolving the Rough Draft. What if you've written a rough draft and it's only three pages, double spaced? What if you can't remember your childhood? This lesson will provide tips to ignite your memory. You will spend the week working on the story and deepening it.


Week 3 - The color of story. Characterization. Who are your characters? Who are the people who people your story? Your parents? A sibling? A teacher? A stranger. No matter who it is, you have to describe them. Our focus this week is on characterization.


Week 4 - Take a break to integrate what you're learning and evolve your story on your own.  


Week 5 - The earth of your story. Setting. We all know from reading novels and memoir that rich setting description pulls us in and enriches us. We explore the elements of vivid setting description in this lesson. You'll spend the week developing the description in your story.  


You will send your story at the end of this week to Art of Storytelling for a personal review, with written feedback! 


Week 6 - The heart of your story. Theme. This lesson explores theme. What is your story trying to say? What is the "moral" of the story? What profound truth is emerging from the depths of your soul? Knowing the theme of your story can help you evolve and edit it. 


Week 7 -- The light of your story. Writer's Block. Learning rough draft, characterization, setting and theme will do no good if you are fundamentally blocked as a writer. We not only look at what is blocking you, we think of ways to use it, evolve it, make it work for us. 




Registration and Payment








Refund policy: Full refunds are available with 48 hours notice prior to the start of the E-Course. After the start of the E-Course, no refunds will be given, but you can take this class or another class of equal value at a later date, if desired. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take this course?

A computer with a good internet connection, word-processing software like Microsoft Word, a journal, a pen, and perhaps a scanner to scan in old photographs.


Do I need to show up at a certain time on Thursdays for the course?

No. Each new e-course will be emailed to you, and you can access it at any time. Remember, each lesson builds on the past lesson, so please view them chronologically.  Keeping abreast of the course allows you to share in real time with the other writers, and makes the experience more exciting.


How much time will I need to devote each week to the lessons?

About three hours.


Do I have to share my work on the forum?

No. Your privacy is important to us. If you don't feel like posting and sharing to the forum, you can just visit and see what everyone else is up to. The idea is for the forum to be a supportive place to go. Writing can be such a solo pursuit, and we all need support.


How do I pay?

We use PayPal for secure online payments. When you register it will take you automatically to the payment page.


Can I pay in Euros or other foreign currency?

Yes. Paypal will automatically translate the payment into US dollars.


Can I take the course if English is my second language?

Yes. At Art of Storytelling, we've worked with people all over the world in writing novels and memoir when English is not their first language. The truth is, all storytelling is about the soul and the heart. We begin with that passion to write. Later, we can help you with copy-editing and editing your work. But for the basic course, all you need is passion.


How do I access the Writers Forum?

We will send an invitation email to the prviate Facebook Forum within 48 hours of registration! 












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