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International Writers Survival Kit


For international writers for whom English is not their first language, these five tips for taking on the task of writing a novel or memoir in English can help you put the project in perspective. It's all about the voice of the soul. See our International Writers E-course for step-by-step lessons in getting started.


Writers' Commitment Statement


Commitment is key to writing a book, an often long process of fits and starts. This Commitment Statement can help you stay on task. 


Character Analysis Sheet


This Character Analysis Sheet is used by novelists all over the world for developing character in a novel, memoir or screenplay. 


Manuscript Feedback Form


Have you finished a manuscript and want friends and colleagues to review it? Most people do not know how to properly review another person's writing. This Feedback Form is based on a chapter by chapter review of a novel or memoir.  









Books you love in a genre you love. You will write what you love, so read what you love. Sci-Fi, Chick Lit, Bodice Rippers, Fantasy -- whatever genre you really love, dive into it. Love what you love.


The Classics. After filling up on the literary food that you love, read Chekov, Faulkner, Hemmingway, O'Connor, Lessing, Joyce, Austen, Angelou. Read the greats. You'll become great by reading the greats. 


The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron, how to find your artist self. Saved my life at one stage.


Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott, how to find your writer self. 


Writing Fiction, Janet Burroway, textbook used in graduate school writing programs. Thick with information on characterization, setting, plot, theme. A book to last a writer's lifetime.


Write Great Fiction series, various authors, practical no-nonsense information on writing dialogue, developing characters, revision. Favorite author in the series: James Scott Bell.







writing a book

The dedicated life is the life worth living.


- Annie Dillard




Writer's Digest,, interesting articles on the practical aspects of writing


Grub Street,, Boston-based writing workshops


Writer's Market,, searchable database for agents and publishers


Poets & Writers,, classified listings of literary journals
and small publishers seeking stories and manuscripts. 


Book Page,


Guide to Literary Agents,