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International Novel/Memoir Writing





What is the International Novel/Memoir Writing E-Course? 


AofS Founder Caroline Allen, as a long-time international traveler and expat, has a passion for creating a community of international writers. This E-Course combines that passion with her love of helping people being the process of writing. If you're a world traveler, an expat or you're a writer anywhere in the world, if you're interested in a more global approach to writing, and if you'd love to have an online community with whom to share ideas, this is the E-Course for you. This course is for people writing in English, whether English is their mother tongue or their second or third language. 


The Basics

  • Generate story ideas to work with during the course

  • Begin a rough draft

  • Learn characterization

  • Create vivid setting description

  • Explore the international experience in your writing

  • Share your story (and photos) on a private global forum where you can ask questions of other international writers.


This course is for adult writers (18 years or older).


We are passionate about different cultures. Every voice has the right to be heard, and we can help you get there. Founder Caroline Allen spent years as an international journalist in Tokyo, throughout Asia and in London. A Russian woman's story of adopting in Siberia, a Swedish expat's adventures with Gypsies in Eastern Europe...we thrive on the exciting stories of other people in other cultures.
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In this basic writing class, we will begin to form one story around one event from your travels. This could in the end serve as the first story in your memoir; it could be fictionalized to create a short story, it could be the beginning of a novel, it could become a treatement for a screenplay, or it could simply be a way for you to learn the elements of good writing.


Here's how it works:


  • Every week beginning Tuesday, November 5, 2013, we will post a training video with an exercise. Exercises build on each other, so you'd need to follow each one in order.

  • You'll spend the week doing the exercises.

  • If you follow the program, you could end up with the beginning of a rough draft for a story at the end of the five weeks.

  • Post your ideas, rough drafts, photos and questions to a private classroom writing forum. Sign in to see what your classmates are doing, to ask questions, and provide support. This is not compulsory. If you want to maintain complete privacy, that is fine, too.


“The world is a book and those
who do not travel read only one page.”
St. Augustine




Week by Week


Week 1 - The soul of your story. We begin by exploring an event from your travles. Even if you want to write a novel, your own travel experiences are a great starting point. We spend a week writing a very rough version of this event.


Week 2 - More soul. Week two focuses on developing the rough story you've written. How can you fill in the details? What research can you do to more fully "remember" the event. 


Week 3 - The color of your story. Who are your characters? Who are the characters who people your story?  Our focus this week is on characterization. 


Week 4 - The heart of your story. We all know from reading that  rich description can pull us in and enrich us. We explore the elements of vivid description. 


Week 5 - The earth of your story. Where did your event occur? What country? Inside or outside? We explore exciting ways to describe the earth, the house, the place, the country where your story takes place.


Payment and Registration 


There are two steps to signing up for this class. Click the register button below. After registering, come back, add the class to your cart, proceed to the Shopping Cart, and pay via Paypal. 





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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take this course?

A computer with a good internet connection, word-processing software like Microsoft Word, a journal, a pen, and perhaps a scanner to scan in old photographs.


Do I need to show up at a certain time on Tuesdays for the course?

No. E-courses will be posted at 8 a.m. each Tuesday, but you can access it at any time. Remember, each lesson builds on the past lesson, so please view them chronologically. Also remember, you will have exercises to fulfill during the week, so please do not wait until the last minute. Keeping abreast of the course allows you to share in real time with the other writers, and makes the experience more exciting.


How much time will I need to devote each week to the lessons?

About three hours.


Do I have to share my work on the forum?

No. Your privacy is important to us. If you don't feel like posting and sharing to the forum, you can just visit and see what everyone else is up to. The idea is for the forum to be a supportive place to go. Writing can be such a solo pursuit, and we all need support.


How do I pay?

We use PayPal for secure online payments. Please go to the link on this page to pay.


The amount is shown in US dollars. Can I pay in Euros or other foreign currency?

Yes. Paypal will automatically translate the payment into US dollars.


How do I access the Writers Forum?

I will send you an invitation to the forum the first week of the class.