Metaphysical Coaching

I am metaphysical. I read tarot cards, infused with healing reiki energy, and employ shamanic practicies to read for people all over the world. I also use the cards to deepen my art projects and to understand the plot, characters and setting of my novels. I use them with book clients too, but only if the clients are interested. 


The cards have helped me deepen my intuition and improve my artwork and my literary career. 


Owning the metaphysical side has taken me a very long time. When I first heard the spiritual call, I was a journalist in London. Believe me, I did not want to be metaphysical. I loved my jet-setting journalist lifestyle. Tarot readers were women living in trailer parks with cigarettes dangling from their lips, a squealing kid in a playpen. If that sounds judgmental, that's because I was. My ego wanted NOTHING to do with this path.

I was pulled along kicking and screaming.


Today I have read cards for thousands of people all over the world, and I understand that my calling is part of a greater calling that many of us are feeling. To understand that there are other realities than just this earthly one we're living, to access their wisdom, to live a more full life, and to help bring spirit to a planet that is woe-fully on the edge.


My ability to channel is used in novel writing and my visual art. I channel this higher light, it comes through my body, my personality and comes out as art. 


I offer one-on-one coaching, contact me for more information or to set up a session. 


If you'd like to learn to read tarot, contact me to take my online course. 


The Elemental Journey: Using Tarot to Find Purpose

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The Elemental Journey

Finding Purpose with Tarot


Taught by international psychic, award-winning novelist and visual artist, this course teaches tarot as a tool to deepen intution, to get out of the brain and into the heart and soul, and to find authentic path. This course includes charts, videos, sample readings, visual art, and so much more. This course represents the deep love I have for the intuitive gifts we all share and how we can use these to connect to the divine, receive guidance and find our artistic/soulful path and live it. The tarot has changed my life. I want to share my knowledge so you can find and live the life you love.

What you'll get out of this course:

  • How to set intent for a spiritual/sacred/artistic life.

  • Building an altar.

  • Doing creative visualizations to strengthen intuition.

  • Breaking through blocks that stop you from engaging your authentic connection to Spirit.

  • How to read major cards in a tarot deck.

  • How to read minor cards in a tarot deck.

  • Understanding reversed cards.

  • Reading a 3-card spread.

  • Reading a Celtic Cross spread.

  • The many uses of tarot for deepening your artistic path, and evolving art projects -- whether this is visual art, writing, dance, music, or whatever your passion is.

  • Extras -- Tarot Cheat Sheet, Keeping Grounding, Protecting our Sensitive Selves