outside the Lines 


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Operation 365 was my first painting-a-day-for-a-year project, and Outside the Lines (below) was my second. I painted one painting or drawing a day for 365 days, beginning January 2016! All of these paintings were done in less than an hour; most in 45 minutes, some in 30! My goal is to break through my blocks by painting fast, and painting often. Click on an image in the grid to enlarge it. The name of the series came from the minus signs I used to get on my kindergarten report cards for painting "outside the lines". I want to OWN the power of painting outside the mainstream notion of what is correct. 


I throw down a random swathe of watercolor on 9x12 watercolor paper, step back, look at the blobs of color, and see if an image emerges from the depths, and then I paint it in. Here are some highlights. Many of these paintings are for sale. See which images are for sale in my Etsy shop.