Revolution of Voice - Women and Creativity

I have spent decades working on my creative voice, and it is my passion to help other women find their artistic path, through group programs and individual coaching. I've helped novelists, memoirists, visual artists, musicians, singers, and dancers.




Revolution of Voice:
Women and Creativity

Group program

beginning September 15, 2018

You have a powerful creative voice, and I'm going to help you find it in this powerful nine-month program. The organic, exciting, step-by-step process will leave you filled with excitement and rekindle your passion for life. 

Groups are limited to 12 women for more personalized feedback.

What this program entails

  • Weekly group meetings at GoToMeeting

  • Weekly assignments that help you unlock hidden talents

  • One-on-one chats with me where we'll tweak and personalize your process

  • A private, and safe forum to share your journey, and be in community

More information coming mid-June. Email me if you have questions.

Revolution of Voice:
Personal Coaching

If group work is not your style, I can work with you one on one to find your creative self, open to the flow and move from inner work, to outer expression. 

What personal coaching entails

  • Twice monthly Skype calls.

  • Gentle weekly assignments that help you begin the process of uncovering your lost voice.

  • Exercises to bring your creative voice to the fore.

  • Twice monthly reviews and reflection on your homework.

  • Guidance that is empathic, intuitive, gentle, nurturing, and gets results.

Email for more information,



Monthly: $600

Email us if you have questions.


When I was a journalist, working in newsrooms in Tokyo and London, I was committed to helping the world by giving voice to the voiceless, the poor, the abused, the natural world. Little did I know I would discover that I was without a voice, and that my path to helping people find "voice" would lead deep inside myself.


I was at the Financial Times when the call came to give up my journalism career, to repatriate to the States after years abroad, to pick up a pen and write novels, and a brush to paint paintings. But that sentence makes it sound far too easy. It was a long, arduous, winding, and rocky path. I'm now out the other side, and I want to use what I've learned to help you "find your bliss" too.

What if every day, you awoke with excitement? What if you had a clear purpose, and you lived it? What if you fell passionately in love with your life? If you're depressed, upset, and/or bored, if you are losing touch with who you are, I promise you this program is for you!

I call this transformation Revolution of Voice. This is a revolution that goes inward first, one that you can do at home, at your own pace, privately. It is a shift in perception, a delving into our power, and our latent gifts. Only when women fully own the depths of their power and their voices can we fully see equality in the world.

I have been coaching women for two decades, many of whom live globally mobile lives. Now more than ever, we need the balance that women's authentic voices can bring to the global stage. Join us on an epic journey of purpose, love and passion.