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The Creative Unfolding Process

Coaching, Ghost Writing and E-Courses




What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process where we work one-on-one with you on a weekly basis on your novel, memoir, short stories or screenplay. We begin with Chapter 1, Page 1, and we explore writing basics like structure, plot, setting, theme and characterization. We speak on the phone or via Skype on a regular basis to teach you the fundamentals AS you work on your book. We partner creatively with you until you feel comfortable going forward on your own. 


Coaching Basics

  • We begin with a free initial consultation where you speak about your project or your hopes for writing, and we discuss how we will work together.

  • You choose to work with our 3-month, 6-month or 9-month program, and we begin the coaching process.

  • Every two weeks, we have a dynamic Skype or telephone conversation where we discuss the soul and the particulars of your project, or your ideas. (You can come to us with just a passion for writing and no actual work done, or with a finished book, or anywhere in between).

  • Between our chats, you'll be doing "homework", for example, improving the characterization in your book, or doing exercises that will get you started on your writing path.

  • During the entire process, we'll be recommending books for you to read, providing concepts on things like discipline, and suggesting resources aimed specifically at your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Onward the process goes, month by month, as we commit to each other, and your commitment to your writing path grows.


All of my life, I've been passionate about authentic voice. You know it when you see it,
feel it when you hear it. It sings a special song that touches your soul. I want to unearth
my voice as artist and writer, and I want
to help others excavate theirs.
You already have everything you need. You already are a writer.


All we do at Art of Storytelling is help you excavate what already exists within you.
And then we give you the tools
to spend your life exploring the glory
that is your creativity.



Coaching Programs

You can choose to work with us in our 3-month, 6-month or 9-month coaching program. The longer you commit to, the cheaper the monthly price. Either pay all at once, or choose a monthly payment plan. This will all be discussed during our free initial call.


3-month Coaching Program

This is our basic coaching program. If you want to learn the basics, and then fly on your own, this is for you. We'll show you how to brainstorm ideas, give you a solid foundation in characterization, setting, plot, structure and theme. We'll suggest good resources, like books and websites, to use to go forward on your path. This program should get you through the first few chapters of a book. 


6-month Coaching Program

This is our intermediate coaching program for those who want support as they go deeper into their project. There are issues that arise mid-way through a book that we can help you with. Besides the basics learned in the 3-month program, this 6-month process will take you further into character arcs, plot development, theme evolution and novel and memoir structuring. 


9-month Coaching Program

For those who want to come closer to finishing a rough draft of a book, or who just want longer-term ongoing support, this program is for you. Now that you have many of the basics under your belt, your coach can focus on areas of clarification, on lessons in editing and polishing, and just areas or ideas in the rough draft that deserve deepening.



Ghost Writing

What is Ghost Writing?

A member of our experienced staff will work with you to write your book for you. We serve as the anonymous writer of your memoir or nonficiton book.


Through an extensive interview process, we delve into your story with you, working in partnership with you throughout the process to ensure that we've got the story right and are telling it to your satisfaction.


Just like writing coaching, ghost writing is set up in monthly ongoing sessions until your book is complete. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.




Explore your desire to write fiction or memoir in one of our E-Courses. Learn the basics of storytelling, setting, plot, characterization and theme. These courses are both practical and soulful, and are aimed at opening you up as a writer and keeping you writing for the rest of your life.


Commiting to coaching can be daunting. Why not join one of our e-courses to better understand how we work? 









The Polishing Process

Review and Editing



The book is finished and you need a professional editor to polish it. Or you have a rough draft of a screenplay, and you can't tell if it's any good. We offer a wide range of professional review and editing services.


In today's tough publishing market, more writers are turning to reviewers and editors to bring their books to the next level, before they even begin to venture into the literary market either to find an agent, or to self-publish.


We offer the entire range of such services, from simple proof-reading to full developmental editing. Is English your second language? These editing services will be particularly useful for you.


We also can review your agent submission package or edit/review your nonfiction book proposal.



The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.
~ Mark Twain





Proofreading/Copy Editing/
Developmental Editing

We provide a range of editing packages, from copy editing to full editing. We polish your manuscript, page by page, chapter by chapter.


Agent Reviews

We look over your query, synopsis and the first 10 pages of your manuscript, and provide extensive feedback, to ensure you have a well-prepared package in your search for an agent. 


Full Screenplay Review

We look at your screenplay and provide a 5-10 page written review of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvement.


Nonfiction Book Proposals

We review your book proposal, and suggest improvements on content and structure.  Or we can help you write one from scratch.