Free Tools

All of the free tools and resources on this page are meant to help you more deeply engage your creativity. I'll be adding many more; please check back soon.

Core Beliefs and Values Cards


Print out the attached cards, and cut them out. You'll notice three cards that read, "Not Important," "Important" and "Very Important". Look at the cards, and the message each one carries, and decide if it's a core belief of yours. Is it very important or simply important? Quickly place each card in the three different piles. Keep paring them down until you're left with seven to 10 in your Very Important pile. These are your core values. Where are you living them? Congratulations! Where are you not living them? How can you shift your life to be in more alignment with your core values? When you align yourself fully, you can get to a place where not only can you write and do art to your heart's content, you'll also find a general sense of overall contentment.