Transformational coaching 


You want to find your true purpose, but you don't know where to start. 


You want to find work that makes a difference in the world, but you have no idea what that would look like.


Using my own path from newsroom journalist to artist/author, described in detail on the "About" page, I guide people through the exciting, but often excruciating path to unearthing their authentic path.


We have no more time to waste. The escalation of global unrest and environmental chaos means we all need to step up to the plate now to help make a difference and create a healthy world for us all.


I also use spiritual tools I picked up on my own path of transformation. I was an international psychic for a decade in Seattle, channeling using tarot, and I'm certified in reiki (energy work), and have studied shamanism with some of the best teachers in the world.











For twenty years, I've been a spiritual channel and I've helped hundreds of people all over the world by accessing their guides, and their higher truth. From the spiritual connection, the four novels in the Elemental Journey series (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) were born. I use the themes and powers of these elements in the coaching. 


I believe finding our purpose involves:



Excavating ourselves from the debris of our childhoods. What were the messages we received as children? What did our parents think of the concept of "following our bliss"?  Who are we really behind all the conditioning? What was our relationship to the earth, to the soil? Did we have one? Do we have one now? 



Air is Spirit. It is rediscovering our spirituality, for ourselves, not because society expects it of us. What was our childhood religion? What is our current spirituality? Do we have one? I can teach you how to connect with your guides and higher truths. 



Our purpose began in our childhoods. What we love has always been there, but often because of the pressures of school or parents or making money, we lose track of it. What is your passion? What excites you, burns in your belly? How can we access it? What does following your passion really mean? I use exercises to help you unearth and reignite your fire. 



When healing, passion and the needs of the world meet, you've found your purpose. This stage of the coaching involves integration and healing, a new life where spirit, service and passion work together to create the life you always knew you were meant to live. Your transformation can transform others and change the world.