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Caroline Allen, Founder/Coach



In 1986, Caroline graduated from the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism and left her home in rural Missouri to work abroad. For more than a decade, she lived and worked in foreign countries as an international journalist, serving as an editor and reporter with newspapers and magazines in Tokyo, as a travel writer for a year across Asia and as a reporter and editor for many years in London (at newspapers like The Independent and Financial Times). She was an editor in Tokyo when Emperor Hirohito died, an editor in London when Princess Diana died. The articles she has written and published focus on social issues, the life of a becak driver in Indonesia, a country mourning the loss of its princess, kids writing poetry in juvenile detention in Seattle.


At the age of 29, she quit journalism to write fiction and to be an artist. For the past 15 years, she's written and published short stories and completed two novels, Earth, and Air, two in a series of four, Earth, Air, Fire, Water.


She has also coached and taught several hundred people around the world in writing fiction and memoir. She's assisted hundreds of people from Shanghai to Spokane in unlocking their creativity and telling their stories. She is also a visual artist: www.carolineallen.com



Carrie is an insightful and gifted teacher. Her wisdom and humor have illuminated deep inner truths for my creative process and ultimately pointed me in more fulfilling directions. Carrie's knowledge of what it takes to be a woman and an artist is profound.


Gail McMeekin

Author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women 

Career/Creativity coach

Massachusetts, USA



Carrie always says just the right thing to propel me forward. I scan my reviewed chapter for her suggestions and find myself sitting in my office in Seattle saying out loud: Oh, of course! Off I go on the computer at 90 miles an hour because her comments make so much sense. Perhaps one day I will write without a coach, but for now, I can't imagine writing without her non-judgmental, intelligent and thought-provoking guidance and her positive comments that scream: YES, YES, Well done. Keep going!


For anyone looking for a Writing Coach, let me be the first to say: Hire Carrie and watch your life and writing unfold in magical ways. There may indeed be tears, but they will bear fruit, I promise. With love and gratitude.


Ellen Newhouse

Accupunturist, Sound Healer, Teacher

West Seattle, WA



Caroline Allen is an incredible writing coach and mentor. She has a technique which allows your highest level of creativity to emerge. She is detailed in her responses to your writing but also has a soft enough touch that her criticism never seems too harsh. I have learned more from her in the last four months than from all of my other writing teachers combined. If you are serious about writing but need encouragement, or need to work on your skills and want someone who is very invested in your success, hire Caroline. 


Tess Hardwick

Author of Riversong

Seattle, WA




Working with Caroline has been a life-changing experience.  I had always wanted to write, but didnt know where to begin. When I first heard about Art of Storytelling I was nervous and reluctant as it seemed to be a big commitment, but then decided to give it a try. I figured I had to start somewhere.  It was the best decision I have ever made!  The program is organic and natural which made the writing process a joy.  Through gentle guidance and tried and true writing exercises Caroline taught me the basics of writing and I was finally able to let it out.  


Lisa Sharpe Jones

Author of The Art of Living Happy


Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA




Jon Sternfeld, Coach/Editor



Jon's literary journey has taken him from creative writing teacher to publishing assistant to literary agent to freelance coach and editor and now, to writer in his own right.


In his publishing career, Jon worked as an assistant at the Irene Goodman Literary Agency in New York City before being promoted to agent. As an agent he represented a wide variety of writers, cultivating an ability to edit according to each writer’s individual purpose and voice. He worked in an intensive editorial capacity on everything from an historical thriller series (The Sleepwalkers and its sequels), to a novel about a war veteran returning to his New Orleans home (Hold It ‘Til It Hurts) to political narratives about the new World Trade Center (The Battle for Ground Zero). He particularly enjoyed working with a former Army Officer to turn his personal observations of Iraqi locals into a moving first person novel which was released to critical acclaim by Little, Brown last year called One Hundred and One Nights.


Early in his career, Jon spent four years teaching high school English Literature and writing in Westchester County, NY, where he developed a new Creative Writing program. Before getting into publishing, he worked under the VP of Development at a major independent production company, Good Machine Inc. (The Ice Storm, In the Bedroom, Happiness) under writer/producer James Schamus. 


He also has worked and continues to work intensively with his writer/director brother Josh Sternfeld (Winter Solstice, Meskada) on his scripts. He has experience on film sets, in editing suites, writing coverage for screenplays, and proofing/editing screenplays for short and feature films


He lives in New York.


Jon Sternfeld possesses qualities that can't be taught--good taste and an instinct for a great story. Like all great editors, he is, first and foremost, a great lover of books. He was the first person in the business to recognize that I had an important book to write. His persistence and attention to detail helped me become a better writer. And he can do the same for you.


Nathan Harden

Author of Sex & God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad 

(St. Martin's, 2012)



Jon's keen eye for the bigger picture allowed him to help me unite the fragmented pieces of my memoir, and his eye for detail helped me sort out the many little things that now make the book whole. His advice helped my manuscript to morph from an unwieldy beast to a book that will soon be published.


Elissa Washuta

Author of the memoir 

My Body is a Book of Rules 

(Red Hen Press, 2012) 



I would like to offer my profound gratitude to my agent Jon Sternfeld whose prodding, cynical, impatient, and touchy nature is matched only by his kindness, loyalty, and unyielding support. I wish you all the best in your new career with the red pen. You've already proven to be a tremendous editor of my book.  


Tyler Stoddard Smith

Author of Whore Stories: A Revealing History of the World's Oldest Profession

(Adams Media)



Jon was an excellent teacher and mentor for me as I began my writing career.  Understanding both the art and business aspects of the field proved to be invaluable.  It's because of his knowledge and effort that my book was published and in bookstores today. 


Rob Dobrenski

Author of Crazy: Notes On and Off the Couch 

(Lyons Press)


As my literary agent, Jon Sternfeld sold my book-in-progress to Writer’s Digest Books. But to make that sale possible,he instructed me on how to make a so-so proposal into a compelling, successful one.  Before I had the good fortune of working with Jon, I thought I knew what it took to pitch a trade book to a major publisher, but I was mistaken. Jon guided me like a mentor, and for that I will always be in his debt. He is not only a first-rate literary agent, but a first-rate editor. 


Fred White, teacher/author 

Author of Where Do You Get Your Ideas? A Writer’s Guide to Transforming Notions into Narratives 

(Writer's Digest Books, 2012) 

Lloyd Robson, Researcher/Coach



Lloyd has 25 years’ experience as a published writer; as a newspaper reporter, features writer, biographer, gonzo journalist, novelist, poet and broadcaster. He’s had six books published in the UK, has written and presented TV and radio documentaries for the BBC and the Open University, and is a regular columnist for New Welsh Review and Rattapallax magazines.


As a writer’s mentor and teaching artist, Lloyd has worked with writers of all ages and abilities, in the UK, the USA, Africa, Asia and Europe.


Originally from Wales, Lloyd now lives in New York City.


Lloyd Robson is an exceptionally talented writer... I have followed his career with interest and admiration, as he subverts stereotypes and manipulates genre, emerging as one of our most accomplished poets and performers, as well as demonstrating that he is a virtuoso prose stylist.


Richard Gwyn

Novelist, poet and senior lecturer, Cardiff University School of English



"Lusty and profane."


New York Times 





Kirkus Reviews 



“A rare talent.”


Terrible Work (UK)


I learned more about poetry in one hour with Lloyd Robson than I did on my degree and postgraduate courses.


Clare Potter

Winner of the 2004 John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry


Lloyd Robson has worked on some dozen or so publications for us, often to tight deadlines. He is a talented designer and has always been hardworking, accurate, conscientious and reliable. I thoroughly recommend his work.


Penny Thomas

Seren Books, 2012