Vegan Art Sale!

Art designed to raise funding for Oregon farm animal sanctuaries,

Green acres in Silverton and Out to Pasture in Estacada.

My path as a visual artist has mirrored my path as a vegan. As I align with my truest inner nature, so too I align with outer nature, with animals, trees, and mother nature. 

I began life butchering animals on a subsistence farm. When I started doing my personal healing work as an adult, I started to question eating animals. It would take the documentary Food Inc. to make me transition -- first to a vegetarian, and then fully to veganism. 


My journey as an artist then led me to paint animals as a way to "heal the animal body". I started by going to a farm animal sanctuary in Oregon, and painting the portrait of goats, sheep, chickens, and a horse. What I learned was how different each animal's personality was, how individual these animals are, just like us.This led to other paintings of animals, dogs, fish, birds... 

For this Vegan Art Sale, I'm donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the works on this page to two Oregon farm animal sanctuaries, Green Acres in Silverton and Out to Pasture in Estacada. 

I'm selling limited giclee prints of each of the images shown here. (Prices do not include shipping). Email me to let me know which one you'd like. Thank you.